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Is Hoarding Against Rental Policy?

There are some people that have a very difficult time in throwing just about anything away. Some people simply do not like to let anything go to waste, but there are some people that take this inclination to save items to extremes. Hoarding involves keeping things in your home in a way that creates almost a living hazard area. This means that hoarding can be a major issue for property owners that rent to tenants. It is important that property owners understand what their rights are when they have hoarders occupying their properties. Allowing a hoarder to continue their cycle of accumulating items will only lead to a bigger problem down the line. This means that you need to be aware if hoarding is against rental policies.
Here are what you need to know about how property owners can handle hoarders:

Mental Disorder
It is important as a property owner to recognize that hoarding is actually classified as a mental disorder. This means that once you realize that a tenant is hoarding you can’t just simply evict them from the home to get rid of the clutter and repair the damage that is caused. This means that when hoarders are renters they are actually protected under the Fair Housing Act. This means that hoarding is not against policy. Someone that is found to be mentally unstable has rights and can’t simply be kicked out of a property. This means that you can’t evict a tenant for hoarding in most instances, but you typically do have the ability to evict them for a violation of the lease in another way.

Reasons for Eviction
Many tenants that are hoarding are in violation of other lease agreements. This means that the most common grounds that you have for eviction are typically damage to the property, blocking emergency exits to the property, causing interference to the sprinkler system, having perishable items stored in a way that attracts rodents or having animals. These are all grounds for eviction that can be related to people that hoard. This means that it is possible to evict a hoarder without being in violation of the Fair Housing Act. People that hoard are normally in violation of many aspects of the lease agreement.
It might not be against policy to hoard, but the results of hoarding are generally against policy and are grounds for eviction for most tenants.

Posted by: emoss on March 14, 2017
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