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How to Handle Neighbors That Party Too Much

If you live in an apartment complex, condo or duplex where you are closely located to neighbors, it can be difficult to deal with noise issues. Noise can keep you from concentrating on your work during the day or getting good sleep at night. It can be a major pain to deal with loud neighbors, but neighbors that party too much can be a huge hassle. If you are tired of hearing the loud music and constant noise that comes from your neighbors residence each and every weekend, there are a few different ways that you can choose to deal with this issue.
Here are the best ways to handle neighbors that party too much:

Talk to You Neighbor
The first thing that you should always try to do involves speaking directly with your neighbor. This is often the first action that you should take and might be enough to stop some of the constant partying. You should be polite and try not to be confrontational when you approach your neighbor with your concerns. If you start attacking, this will put your neighbor on the defensive., Just simply tell them how the noise from their parties is disturbing you and how they can change things for the better. You might ask them to turn down music or to stop the parties after a specific time of night. If you are a grown up about the issue, you may be able to end the late night partying by simply speaking directly to your neighbor and asking them nicely.

Go to Management With Complaint
If you give your neighbor a chance to correct the issue and see no change, it is time that you take your concerns directly to management. This means that you need to communicate to the owner of the property what your issue is. You should give them details of the times that the partying occurs, the frequency and how loud the parties get. You should be as accurate as possible to ensure that the manager of the property has enough information to go on. It might be a good idea to check your lease before speaking with your property manager and see if there are set quite times. If this is the case, your neighbors are in violation of the lease and the property manager has every right to take action.

Posted by: emoss on March 14, 2017
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