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How to Cut Down Your Home Insurance Costs

When you buy a new home there are many new expenses that you quickly learn of. You have to pay for property taxes and even obtain home insurance. Home insurance is designed to offer protection in the event of an accident or disaster, but it can be quite costly. If you are looking to save on your home insurance costs, you do have a number of different options to consider. Some methods will allow for more savings than others.
Here are some of the best available ways to cut down your home insurance costs:

Only Insure the Home
One way that you can save on home insurance costs is to simply insure only the home and not the property. Your property is not at risk of theft, which means that it is not necessary that you insure your property. Winds and fire do not have the ability to completely destroy your property either, so the value of the land does not need to be considered when you are insuring your home. When you are deciding the amount of insurance that your home requires, it is a good idea to not include the value of the land itself. It is possible for your insurance agent to give you an estimate of what the actual land is worth and this can be excluded from your coverage.

Only Insure What You Have
Another important tip for cutting back on home insurance costs is to only insure what you have. This might seem pretty straightforward, but you would be surprised at the amount of homeowners that have coverage they do not need. There is an automatic protection limit for personal property in most insurance policies. It is possible to have this amount adjusted. You can actually lower this amount to help you save money. Make sure that you are only paying for what you actually have.

Be Safe
Making safety and protection a priority around your home will also allow you to save on the cost of home insurance. By simply having newer locks installed or smoke detectors around your home, you have the ability to cut back on home insurance costs. The discounts that you can get for making your home safer can really add up overtime. This is a great way to increase the protection and security o your home while also helping you to save some cash along the way.

Posted by: emoss on March 14, 2017
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